John Trefethen

Chief Marketing Officer
John Trefethen

Trefethen has more than thirty years of senior marketing and management experience, including over a decade of ophthalmic diagnostic software product experience at globally recognized manufacturing companies in the industry. Trefethen has recently led the global marketing and product design for Topcon Healthcare, where he successfully rebranded the global device manufacturer and launched the company’s entry into the Ocular Telehealth market.

Trefethen is recognized for his disruptive and dynamic approach when revitalizing a legacy device industry with fresh ideas, breakthrough designs, and homogeneous branding strategies.

“The time is now,” said John Trefethen. “Healthcare technology has changed. We are experiencing a fundamental transition away from physical devices to the soft­ware that con­trols them. We must scale to address the growing need for patient care. Today we stand on the precipice for wide-scale adoption from ar­ti­fi­cial in­tel­li­gence to apps to con­sumer data. Heru is where technology and innovation meet “need” and ‘greater access to care.'”

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