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Redefining precision vision diagnostics and correction.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Technology That’s Intuitive and Accurate

Heru is developing an artificial intelligence (AI) driven diagnostics and vision augmentation technology platform that runs on mixed reality wearable devices.

The technology is designed to be accessed from any location, with the goal of providing real-time evaluations of eye health and vision disorders, and personalized vision correction.

At Heru, our goal is to provide physicians and patients access to smarter, more accurate and portable technology to diagnose and treat visual field loss, double vision and other vision disorders.

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Introducing Heru’s AI-Driven Visual Field Test That Provides Fast and Accurate Results

Our first available product is a visual field test driven by an AI algorithm trained on thousands of visual field tests from patients with glaucoma, strokes and other diseases. Additional AI-driven vision diagnostics and augmentation applications are in development.

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Vision Diagnostic: Our First Product

Using an AI-driven wearable device, it is easy for patients to take our visual field test. Through our cloud-based web portal, physicians access test results from any location, allowing them to provide an immediate diagnosis.

Additional diagnostic applications are under development to deliver objective diagnostic tests that use the advanced sensors on mixed reality wearable devices. These tests will monitor the patient’s interactions to visual stimuli, then use this information in real-time to map the visual field and evaluate for various vision defects.

Personalized Digital Vision Augmentation

Heru is developing vision augmentation applications utilizing AI algorithms to automatically personalize vision enhancement based on each patient’s unique vision defect. In an early feasibility study, 78% of enrolled patients showed enhanced awareness of peripheral objects using a prototype of our vision augmentation application. Applications in development include AI Field of Visual Expansion, Autonomous Double Vision Correction and Visual Distortion Correction.

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