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Heru is committed to improving the quality of life for people with visual field disorders, double vision and other vision defects.

Over 76 million patients suffer irreversible visual impairment secondary to glaucoma, and over 33 million patients have irreversible visual impairment secondary to strokes. This damage is irreversible with limited treatment options.

Under the direction of your physician, you can easily and quickly take Heru’s visual field test with a wearable device, then your doctor can immediately access the results. The device is currently used in the doctor’s office with additional applications in development for use in vision centers, retail pharmacies and at home.

How It Works

Get Checked for Visual Field Defects Easily and Quickly

male clinician looking at data on a tablet

Your Physician Orders the Test

Your doctor or their technician will have you put on a wearable device to take the diagnostic test.

female wearing vision exam goggles

You Take the Test

You will then verify your information and easily take the visual field test using the wearable device.

person looking at data on a black tablet

Your Physician Receives Results

The test results will be immediately sent to a portal for your doctor to review and provide a diagnosis.

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