9 Vision Exams.
5 CPT Codes.
1 Wearable Platform.

Bring the future of vision care to your practice.

Heru offers 9 vision exams and 5 CPT codes in 1 lightweight, wearable platform.

  • Simplify your practice workflow
  • Increase revenue with new avenues for reimbursement
  • Deliver a more enjoyable patient experience

Backed by 10 years of research at the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Heru is proven to have strong correlation with the HFA and excellent repeatability.

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What is Heru?

re:Vive 2.0 Features

Are you still conducting exams with bulky legacy diagnostic equipment?

With Heru, you have access to 9 vision exams with 5 CPT codes in 1 wearable solution.
  1. Screen every patient faster than ever with Heru’s Fast Pattern Suprathreshold Visual Field.
  2. Detect AMD-related changes years before drusen are visible with Heru’s dark adaptation and contrast sensitivity exams.
  3. Perform exams anytime, anywhere in your practice with real-time results.
  4. Free up valuable time while the  Heru “personality” guides your patient through the exam experience.
  5. Offer a more enjoyable, comfortable patient experience. 

Heru’s visual field exams demonstrated a strong correlation to the HFA with excellent repeatability.

Learn about our diagnostic solutions through our visual testing capabilities. Our wearable diagnostics platform streamlines the process for patients and produces accurate results.

Heru brings you the future of vision care.

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