ActiveTrack: Enhancing Visual Field Testing and Patient Compliance

ActiveTrack is an advanced eye-tracking tool designed to revolutionize visual field-testing procedures. By continuously monitoring the patient’s gaze, ActiveTrack ensures accurate fixation and minimizes the need for retesting due to poor fixation.​

ActiveTrack employs best in class Tobii eye-tracking technology.

It continuously monitors the patient’s gaze during visual field testing.

This real-time tracking enhances clinical performance.

Traditionally, stimuli are presented to the optic nerve to confirm proper patient fixation.

ActiveTrack eliminates this step, saving valuable testing time.

Reliable fixation is automatically verified without additional stimuli.

When a patient exhibits poor fixation, ActiveTrack triggers the Heru Guide.

The Heru Guide intervenes in real time, guiding the patient to improve fixation.

This proactive approach reduces the need for retesting.

If a patient continues to struggle with fixation, ActiveTrack adapts.

It automatically transitions to monitoring the optic nerve head (ONH) fixation.