Elevate your eye care practice with Heru's advanced visual field software

Backed by over 50+ Patents and Validated Clinical Studies.

Learn more about how Heru measures up the standard of care: Journal of Glaucoma Article. 
  • Backed by Leading Science from the #1 Eye Hospital in the U.S. 
  • 50+ Patents 
  • 95% Correlation to the Standard of Care*

Testing Across 50 States

With over 300,000 eyes tested across every state in the U.S. Heru is elevating eye care for the country’s leading ECPs. Find out how your practice can benefit from Heru Visual Field Edition. 

From Our Eye Care Professionals

"I want to connect to talk about our fantastic experience with the new Heru headset and software. In fact, We want to get several more to get both offices up and running."
Dr. P
" It's great to see the accuracy in the HERU testing, because I think sometimes these hypertropes get missed and adding prism to their Rx can make such a difference for them."
Dr. M
"Heru success story for me today was a patient with migraines and occasional double vision. Heru had her at ortho distance and 13 BI near. Without Heru I wouldn't know how big her Exo was at near and how she is completely Ortho at distance. I'm thrilled for her!"
Dr. S

Advanced Fit Check

Ensure proper headset alignment before starting your patient's Visual Field testing.

ReduceD redos

Save time from Retesting.

Real-time Feedback

Technicians can now provide real-time feedback to patients with EyeStream™ Technology.

Repeatable Results

Less guesswork, more repeatability.