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Heru’s modalities are clinically validated and born out of the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, ranked the #1 Eye Hospital in the U.S for 22 years. 

ARVO - Pupillometer Consistency and reproducibility

Heru Prime pupillometer provides consistent and reproducible results.

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute | Global Center for Ophthalmic Education

Reproducibility of Pupillometer Measurements obtained from a Virtual Reality Headset.

ARVO - Relative Afferent Pupillay Defect

RAPD Diagnosis shows accuracy of 99%, sensitivity of 94%, and specificity of 100%.

Heru's re:Imagine faster than SITA Standard

re:Imagine AI-Based algorithm faster than SITA standard

Excellent  correlation between Heru and Zeiss Humphrey, R2 = 0.95 ICC analysis demonstrated high levels of concordance (ICC = 0.95, P<0.001).

Journal of Glaucoma

Clinical Studies & Science

Diagnosis of Ocular Misalignment

High repeatability was observed in the category of cover test (Ortho vs. Phoria vs. Tropia), with a Cronbach's alpha of 0.975 and an ICC of 0.932 (95% CI: 0.841 - 0.977)

Sensitivity and Specificity of Heru Prime in the Diagnosis of Eye Motility Restrictions

Heru Prime showed excellent accuracy in the diagnosis of EMR with an accuracy of 0.9, sensitivity of 0.80, and specificity of 0.90.