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Heru Honored with 2nd Consecutive CES Innovation Award

Dj Padzensky

Vice President, Engineering
Dj Padzensky

As Heru’s vice president of engineering, Dj brings over three decades of IT, infrastructure, and software engineering consulting experience, for companies like Apple, GE Medical Systems, General Motors, Washington Mutual Bank, and Sprint. He was a key architect of one of the largest email systems in the world, hosting over a billion users.

As a technical leader, Dj believes in building a collaborative engineering environment that provides the tools for engineers to grow both technically and professionally. “Our mission is to do that which has not yet been done. To do that, we must bring the best talent to the table, and build consensus around the best approaches to solving problems. When we’re successful at that, we end up with a product that is far greater than the sum of its parts.”