ExamView: Empowering technicians and enhancing comfort for patients through real-time exam monitoring.​

Key Features:

ExamView provides technicians with a holistic view of the ongoing appointment. From test details to patient compliance, everything is at your fingertips. No more guesswork—stay informed and efficient.

 Wondering which tests are part of the appointment? ExamView lists them all. Monitor progress, track completion, and ensure no critical steps are missed. Efficiency meets precision.

 Now with EyeStream, live IR video streaming of the patient’s eyes, ExamView assesses the VR headset fit. Ensure optimal comfort for patients during testing. Happy patients, better results!

ExamView keeps you informed about patient compliance. Are they struggling to following instructions? Stay on top of the patient’s compliance and maintaining high quality standards.

 Peek into what patients see during testing. Understand their perspective and address any concerns promptly. Enhance patient satisfaction and trust.

Pause, end, or restart tests or appointments effortlessly. ExamView gives you the power to manage appointments seamlessly.