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Heru Honored with 2nd Consecutive CES Innovation Award

Heru Fills the Need for Greater Access to Care for the Vision Impaired

Enabling Standard Of Care Testing In Expanded Settings

Technology for Vision Impaired: Key Messages

• The prevalence of eye diseases worldwide continues to rise with the aging population.

• Many patients struggle to obtain necessary eye care. While there are multiple contributing factors, the shortage and unequal distribution of eye care resources represent some main challenges.

• As a result, half of the world’s vision impairment could have been prevented or has yet to be addressed, highlighting the significant need for more equitable distribution of care through improved access.

• Heru’s Diagnostic Platform closes this gap by offering affordable, portable solutions, telemedicine support, VR visual field, and modern diagnostic technologies that allow standard-of-care testing in expanded settings.

Enable Expanded Standard of Care Testing with Technology for Vision Impaired

The days of medical-grade diagnostic furniture and large dedicated spaces for specialized testing environments are long gone.

Heru’s technology for vision impaired allows you to conduct exams at any time and in any location, including remote locations. Convert your waiting room or make use of existing pre-test space.

Provide a Relaxing and Enjoyable Patient Experience

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