Dark Adaptation has arrived!

Heru Honored with 2nd Consecutive CES Innovation Award

Miami, FL (Wednesday, November 3, 2021) – Vision diagnostics and augmentation leader, Heru Inc., is expanding the capabilities of re:Vive by Heru, the company’s wearable gamified diagnostic solution, to include three new testing modalities: Color Vision CPT 92283, Contrast Sensitivity, and Dark Adaptation CPT 92284. “Since the inception of Heru, our goal has been to revolutionize healthcare through the development of transformative technology. With the release of these new testing modalities, Heru has created a market-leading platform that is the first of its kind. Our solution enables physicians to perform 6 diagnostic exams, with 5 revenue generating CPT codes, in 1 wearable platform” said Mohamed Abou Shousha, MD, PhD, CEO and founder of Heru. “These new modalities represent significant advancement in the way physicians screen and diagnose for visual disorders and highlights our dedication to delivering best-in-class technology to the market.” The new multi-modal cloud-based platform replaces several legacy devices, enabling 6 popular vision exams to be performed with a single, space-saving wearable at a low cost of entry. re:Vive 2.0 is a premium diagnostic tool that enables physicians to diagnose and manage more patients and provides additional avenues for reimbursement as the new testing strategies are co-billable with visual field, OCT and office visits. “re:Vive has transformed the diagnostic landscape. Practices no longer need to purchase an expensive piece of bulky hardware that occupies a valuable pretest or exam lane, requires the time of a skilled technician and does not auto-upgrade when new features are released,” said Corey Nielson, Heru Chief Customer Officer. “This release underscores our commitment to serving our customers by working to improve practice efficiency and enhance patient care.”

The re:Vive 2.0 Color Vision exam features a screening color vision test (Ishihara) and the Farnsworth D-15 extended color vision test, providing clinicians with a fast, efficient solution for detecting and classifying color vision deficiencies. If a patient fails the Ishihara test, the platform, using Heru’s AutoFlowTM, automatically conducts a D-15 exam, a reimbursable procedure with many supported ICD-10 codes.

Heru’s Contrast Sensitivity exam in re:Vive 2.0 is based on the science that connects Contrast Sensitivity with the early detection of age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The test allows clinicians to show patients the subtle, often slow-changing effects of diminishing vision, and provides an efficient way to document and monitor the functional macular health. With re:Vive 2.0, Contrast Sensitivity testing is moved out of the exam lane and performed in natural room lighting without the intervention of a clinician or technician.

The new Dark Adaptation (CPT 92284) modality found in re:Vive 2.0 enables clinicians to evaluate retinal function by measuring a patient’s dark adaptation. Impaired dark adaptation has been associated with the development of AMD and has been shown to occur prior to physiological change in the retina. Early diagnosis of AMD is essential in the management of this sight-threatening disease, allowing clinicians to emphasize the importance of controlling modifiable risk factors.

Heru’s re:Vive Dark Adaptation exam measures the Adaptation Index value. Our proprietary technology enables Dark Adaptation measurements using a dimmer flash brightness compared to other devices, increasing patient comfort and compliance.

“These new testing modalities are just the beginning,” said Bob George, Heru Chief Technology Officer. “We are relentless in our pursuit of developing additional screening capabilities that will modernize healthcare. Our cloud-based technology will allow us to distribute future modalities over-the-air, without disrupting practice workflow ensuring clinicians always have access to technology that will enhance the patient experience and provide significant value for the practice.”

Heru will be demonstrating re:Vive 2.0 at this year’s American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting (Academy 2021) in Boston at booth #902 on November 3 – 5, 2021. In addition, Heru has sponsored an Academy Vision Theater session held on Friday, November 5, 2021, at 12:20 pm ET featuring Mitch Ibach, OD, FAAO. Registration is available onsite.

About Heru

Heru Inc. (www.SeeHeru.com) is a medical software company focused on the development of next-generation diagnostic solutions using commercially available AR/VR head-mounted displays. Heru is leveraging its platform to build a comprehensive diagnostic solution that is strongly correlated to the current standard of care, and exceeds traditional standards of care in usability, cost, size and portability. Future development includes therapeutic applications for personalized augmented vision correction.

In May 2021, Heru announced a $30 million Series A funding round, led by global investment firm D1 Capital Partners with participation from SoftBank’s SB Opportunity Fund and existing investors.

Heru was born out of the University of Miami’s Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. In December 2020, Heru announced a seed round led by Fred Drasner, Maurice R. Ferré, M.D., Fred H. Moll, M.D., and a consortium of investors with extensive experience developing, launching, and scaling cutting-edge medical technologies.