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Heru Honored with 2nd Consecutive CES Innovation Award

Expanding Clinical Care for AMD 

Heru’s Dark Adaptation Fills the Gap 

Key Messages

• Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is a progressive chronic disease of the central retina accounting for 8.7% of all blindness worldwide1. 

• Early AMD patients exhibit moderate to severe impairment of dark adaptation (DA) even in the absence of visual acuity loss4–6. 

• A test to probe rod function in dark adaptation can be used as a clinical outcome measure in studies tracking the progression of AMD, or more practically, a diagnostic tool targeting the identification of early AMD4. 

• A patient’s rod function can be easily examined with Heru’s dark adaptation test which is billable to insurance (CPT 92284) and co-billable with visual fields, OCT and/or office visits. 

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